Call name: Edward Jr
Born August 7-2008
Co: Leif Erik Johansen

9 months

@ 7 months


Pugbully Quite American Mister Kendoric's American Flyer Am Ch
Kendoric's Tokin Ticket
Am Ch Kendoric's Ticket to Ride
Am Ch
Kendoric's Precious Moment
Amat's Kendiric Diana Am Ch
Brougcastl Blaque Bombaway
Amat's Highland Night
Kendoric's All American Girl Kendoric's Click It Or Ticket Am Ch Kendoric's Tokin Ticket
Kendoric's Elegant Moment
Kendoric's Dreamin' The Blues AM CH Premiere's Dream Machine
AM CH Kendoric's Rythm N Blue
Pugbully New Funky Blues
NORD CH Humlans Josh Joshua Dt Jgd.Ch Dt Ch KBHV- 03
Sasquehanna Kluch
INT Ch PL Ch Sasquehanna Foto
PL Ch Sasquehanna Stela
Humlans Gleaming Gemma
S Ch N Ch NV-99
Humlans Golden Lion Leroy
S Ch N Ch Nanchyl Quinquireme
N Ch Pugbully Dust My Blues Kendoric's American Flyer AM CH Kendoric's Tokin Ticket
Amat's Kendoric Diana
CH Belly Button Bullypug CH Cha's Crash A' Boomerang
N S CH Humlans Rubicon Ruby

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